I may look love-able.
Do not believe what your heart tells you.

I know it sounds silly to say
But isn’t all truth silly?

There was a time love was a real game
Of losing and winning and being able to play again

But those days went where they could not return to us
We have become home-grounds abandoned by owners

And when they momentarily pass by, we jump.
This is why you should not fall in love with me.

She will come and I will jump.
I can’t help it, but I know she will be here for a moment.

Isn’t the truth silly?
And wisdom, a lie?


Precious was your name.
Silence would have been more apt.
Remember the note I wrote in 2002?
I am still waiting for your reply.

Before that note, was Manzi.
Her note was written in 2000.
The reply got stuck in my friend’s ball-gum plastered pocket.

Then came Comfort. 2002 again. And 2003.
The notes were replied.
Nothing committal though.
She should have changed her name to Politeness.

The craze hit in 2004.
Will I ever be forgiven?
They were many.
And dining hall gropings during meal-time.

Who would have thought?
Do people heal from notes-sicknesses?
I see them walking with husbands.
And want to tell all lies and truth in the name of memory.


Young wise love.
Ageing foolish hatred.

You think hearts are trampled upon and left to die.
With their poison called experience.

Mine refuses to die.
It wants to love you.

Die you. Poison you.
Return the favour.

Why can’t yours do the same?
Haven’t mine shared enough poison to deserve a good turn?

We deserve the terrorism in our hearts.
The false hope in our old age.


They said that actions speak louder than words
I have been acting and speaking and writing less ever since.

Now dumped, a veteran of three relationships sacked for lack of communication.
Didn’t they say that actions speak louder than words?

Aren’t my previous lovers fools?
Don’t they know that actions speak louder than words?

Who taught them?
Did they learn at all?

Who does not know that actions speak louder than words?
Who can’t see that movies speak louder than novels?

Bloody liars.
They think they are learnt.

Actions speak louder than words.
My teachers could not have taught me lies.