It was silver in color.
Your love looked at me
And then accelerated.
And reversed.
And splashed water on the tree branches
As if they were me!

I will buy my own car next year.
And will splash dirty water on all silver cars.
As if he owns all of them.
You two are too much.

I need to save my self.
My fragile pride.
How can you sit on me like that?
Fart on me.
Even pupu on me?
And make me clean it with my bare hands?
You are too much.

I will pupu on you too.
Even if you do not clean it.
Let me see how we both benefit from this pupu bonanza.

Only if we just admitted that we love each other.
That we care.
And express the damn thing
We do not manage to erase the feelings but destroying ourselves.


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