Davina Kawuma’s Writing Process: An International Blog Tour

This is a Guest Post by Ugandan writer Davina Kawuma.
Thanks Melissa Kiguwa for nominating me for the “My Writing Process” International Blog Tour. An explanation of how the tour works on Melissa’s blog: ” writers are asked to respond to four questions regarding their writing process and then nominate two other writers to respond to the question.”

Here are my responses to the questions.

1. What are you working on?

A novella (despite warnings, from a well-meaning writer-friend, that novellas are notoriously difficult to market).

2. How does your work differ from others of its genre?

I think it is messier, verboser, plotlesser. (None of which are good things, apparently.)

3. Why do you write what you do?

I think of writing as yet another way to have a lengthy conversation. I suspect that I write about things which I want to talk about but which, for whatever reason, people don’t want to talk about. I could be wrong, of course.

4. How does your writing process work?

My writing wingwoman is a [type of] gremlin that’s inbuilt into my keyboard. Typically, this is how we achieve results (or not).

1. Sees, hears or reads something interesting (Day 1)
2. Thinks about interesting something (Day 2 – 5)
3. Toys with idea of writing about interesting something (Day 6 – 25)
4. Writes about interesting something in head (Day 26 – 42)
5. Edits, in head, what’s been written in head (Day 42 – 45)
6. Types and edits what was written and edited in head (Day 46 – 50)
7. Sends gremlin memo (Day 51)
8. Sends gremlin urgent reminder to read memo (Day 52)
9. Gremlin takes up the reins (Day 55)
10. Gremlin decides, after lengthy deliberations, whether project is viable (Day 59)
11. If project is viable, gremlin communicates interest to complete story (Day 59)
12. If project is inviable, gremlin recommends a repeat of steps 1 – 8 (Day 59)

1. Sees, hears or reads something interesting (Day 1)
2. Thinks about interesting something (Day 2 – 5)
3. Toys with idea of writing about interesting something (Day 6 – 59)

For next week I am nominating:
Harriet Anena
Harriet wrote her first poem in 2003; it won her bursary to high school and a licence to use and abuse words at poetic pleasure. She has done that and more – venturing into the wordier world of fiction. Her eyes are set on the tip of Got Moro – a hill found in her home district of Gulu, northern Uganda, for she believes it’s on such hills, water, trees and all things alive, that her words get the oxygen to stay alive and fly. Find her answers at: anenah.wordpress.com

Lillian Akampurira Aujo
Lillian Akampurira Aujo was born a few decades ago in Uganda. She lives in Kampala, and has not been to any other country, which she considers a curious fact. She has a shelved degree in law which she hopes to un-shelve and dust off one day. She’s an avid reader of poetry, short stories, and novels. Her novice steps as a writer took her to the genre of poetry, but over the years, she has also ventured into the short story form. She thinks of writing as her first love, and a constant work in progress. Her favourite hours of the night are 2 and 3am. Her work has appeared in Talking Tales, Summoning the Rains (Femrite Anthologies), Suubi, Bakwa Magazine, The Revelator Magazine, Suubi (AWT Journal), and A Memory This Size (Caine Prize Anthology 2013). Her poem, Soft Tonight, won the inaugural Beverley Nambozo Poetry Award in 2009. Find her answers at: http://lillianakampuriraaujo.blogspot.com/